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Wall Street Journal: Bonds vs. Bond
Funds — 
a Distinction Wealth Advisors Should Explain

What some people might believe is their safest asset may be their riskiest — WSJ profile of Maya Marisa Joelson.

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Forbes: ETFs Are Not as Cheap or Efficient as You Think. Investors May Want to Buy Individual Stocks Instead.

This Forbes article provides some key
points from Maya Marisa Joelson's interview with Nathaniel Baker of the Contrarian Investor Podcast.

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The Contrarian: Buy Individual Stocks and Bonds, Not ETFs

Maya Marisa Joelson, founder and president of Metapoint Advisors, joins the podcast to discuss her view of exchange-traded funds.

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Barron's: What You Should Tell Clients About Bond Funds

Advisors should make sure clients understand the difference between bonds …

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The Coronavirus Could Trigger an Economic Catastrophe With
"Black Bat" Conditions

Protect your portfolio from a potential double-barreled market crash.

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Watch This Responsible Investing Discussion

Video of Meta Point Advisors Founder Maya Marisa Joelson in a panel discussion on responsible investing.

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