About Us

Maya Marisa Joelson

Marisa Joelson (known as Maya) founded Meta Point Advisors after several years at Merrill Lynch in 2017. Maya has two decades of experience advising CEOs, technology executives, hedge fund managers, families, and individuals on their investment decisions. Her differentiated ideas have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and at the World Economic Forum. She currently is a Founding Principal Wealth Manager and Global Investment Strategist at Savvy.

Maya worked for the #1 Institutional Investor equity research analyst team on Wall Street covering US retail before moving to London where she focused on emerging markets. In London, she worked at Renaissance Capital and advised the world’s leading mutual fund and hedge fund managers, including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, on their investments in Emerging Europe and Africa. She later became the macroeconomist and financial market advisor to Rio Tinto, the second largest mining firm in the world. In this role, she provided global insight to the CEO on economies and financial and commodity markets including China, India, Japan, Chile, USA, and Europe. ‍

While at Harvard in 2004, she wrote the first paper for the World Economic Forum on the business case for corporations to advance women and diverse talent. Her paper in 2004 was presented at Davos to 100 CEOs and spurred the start of WEF highly regarded Gender Programme to track how nations fare in capturing the talent of half their population. Later, McKinsey, Credit Suisse, UBS and other major corporations followed suit to develop research and statistics to show that gender balanced and diverse teams lead to better financial performance and reduced groupthink.

Maya Joelson holds a MPA from Harvard and a MBA from Northwestern (Kellogg). She graduated with the prestigious College of Social Studies major from Wesleyan University. While at Wesleyan, Maya worked and lived in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) during this historic and tumultuous period.

Our Mission

Meta Point Advisors is committed to delivering global market insights and thought leadership in the realm of investing. We are dedicated to simplifying financial complexities and challenging conventional groupthink. With a proven track record of staying ahead of the curve, our approach and insights empower individuals and organizations to make informed, forward-thinking investment decisions.