Meta Point Advisors cuts through the financial jargon and groupthink to deliver clients' portfolios that are diversified, transparent, and have a record of beating their financial benchmarks.

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Maya Marisa Joelson founded Meta Point Advisors after several years at Merrill Lynch. Maya is a Harvard-trained economist who leverages her two decades of top-level experience across advanced technology, Wall Street, and emerging markets to devise investment strategies for her clients.

Mayaโ€™s clients benefit from her ability to provide savvy active management without the cumbersome costs and structure of mutual funds. Maya enjoys working with her clients to understand their personal needs so she can craft tailored financial plans.

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Marisa's work has appeared in Barron's, Forbes, the World Economic Forum and others, and she was the first analyst to recognize the Covid-19 threat as the Black Swan it was. Read a selection of her articles here or watch her in action to gain more insight into the state of global finance today.

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Investment Management Services

Do you actually know what you are invested in? Are you diversifiedโ€ฆ or are you over-diversified? If you are invested in a broad range of funds or ETFs, it is likely that you have no strategy. Something goes up but something else goes downโ€ฆ You are paying your advisor to tread water โ€” losing out on opportunities to capitalize on structural trends. Meta Point Advisors cuts through the financial jargon and groupthink to deliver clients portfolios that are diversified, transparent and have a record of beating financial benchmarks.

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